5 Most disgusting parasites ever found living inside human body

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More than 70% of the human body is made of other beings. If an artist were to paint a body looking through a sophisticated microscope, what you would see is a hybrid creature like the man-lion-eagle form of mythology, except with many more combinations of beasts. At least 500 speciesof bacteria, weighing about 1.5 kg, live inside the human gut. Firmicutes and Bacteroides are the main families that live inside your intestine. They breakdown carbohydrates and make essential nutrients like vitamins K and B12. They battle all the time with the bad bacteria warriors. Good bacteria —notably members of the Lactobacillus family—inhabit the vagina, secreting lactic acidand fending off hostile invaders like Candida albicans. These are 5 most disgusting and dangerous parasites ever found living inside the human body.


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