While bats live in air and dolphins live in water, both use a biological form of sonar technology called echolocation to see with sound! The specifications in dolphin and bat biosonar systems are so many, [More]
Ice sheets, saber-toothed tigers, and wooly mammoths—the Ice Age sounds like a cool time! But what caused it? And was there more than one Ice Age?
Mankind has made a lot of tools, but none of them rival the usefulness and versatility of the human hand. Its structure and design give evidence of God’s creativity and allows us to do a [More]
Secular scientists claimed in the 1970s that chimp genomes are 98% similar to humans, and it was apparently verified by more modern techniques. But that estimate actually used isolated segments of DNA that we already [More]
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King of Comedy Kapil Sharma has been ruling your hearts since long. This video will take you closer to your most loved comedian. Watch it to know the top never told before interesting facts about [More]
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