SINPHONY – Facts & Faces (Original Song)

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lead guitar: Lok Hei
Rhythm Guitar:Mak

Original song: Facts & Faces
Composed By:Mak

Facts & Faces (Lyrics) – Sinphony

Verse 1:

Its all gone
All of them that I got was never drawn

What can I do
Its all over
Nothing can change because all I want is in the past

It’s hard to hear
What to say
Why am I here when everything has to stay

You left behind
What I feel inside
Never ends

Pre-Chorus 1:

A fresh start
With my heart
There’s nothing I would ever say

So tell me
In my way
Why can’t things I want ever change
All I’ve been walking is in the dark

When I was here you said I wasn’t there but I remembered seeking through my skin
You always make me feel okay so tell me you will pay for your sins
In the dreams that I had was closest to heaven that I’ll ever be
Ohhh…this ain’t true but what shall I do warm me up tonight


Chorus: Repeat x1

Outro ~


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