Top 10 Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein You didn’t Know

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Albert Einstein. Thanks For Watching
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As a child, Einstein spoke very slowly and was a slow learner as he didnt start speaking until he was four years old
An autopsy was carried out by pathologist Thomas harvey, who stole einstein’s brain and kept it for over 40 years.
As a divorce settlement, einstein’s ex wife received his noble prize money
In 1952, einstein was offered the presidency of israel, which he turned down.
Einstein had a very bad memory. He couldn’t remember name, phone numbers and dates.
Einstein had an illegitimate daughter with mileva maric named lieserl, born in 1902.
Einstein’s eyes are kept in a safe deposit box in new york city
Einsteins interest in science started after he was gifted a compass at the age of 5 from his father when he was sick
Einstein received a noble prize for the photoelectric effect, not for relativity
In 1895, 17 year old einstein failed his university entrance exam, and had to retake the exam a year later.


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