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a little presentation about some fact about North Korea, one of the opponents of Brazil in the 2010 FIFA world cup.
Do you want 23 awesome facts about Frozen, well here you go! Every fact is true as is every quote, don’t believe us? Simply google any ones that you doubt and see for yourself. Did [More]
“We’re just going to stay for one drink.”
Hey guys this is a weird fact video. Starting a weird facts episode subscribe for more 😀
Just when we thought there could be nothing worst than a woman breeding cockroaches in her house, we’ve heard that an eel-like fish was removed from a man’s butt! Dont ask how. Just watch complete [More]
15 WEIRD FACTS! TAG YOU ARE IT!!! Questions: #1. What’s a nickname only your family calls you? #2. What’s a weird habit of yours? #3. Do you have any weird phobias? #4. What’s a song [More]
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