Bespoke Black & White Portraiture of Your Family

By Yann Studios Galway

Creating original Photographic Art
for the home


Families inspire Us.

When “Gigi” was born, she weighed a mere 1 lb 14 oz. Her mom and dad’s devastation soon turned to wonder as Gigi steadily grew, becoming the biggest baby at the NICU. After spending her first 5 months there, the nurses referred to her as a Senior Citizen! Today Gigi is healthy giggly baby girl. Jim and I loved getting to take her “newborn” portraits when she left the NICU and then again, her 2-year-old portraits at the Studio.
Whether it’s Sergio Garcia’s Master’s Portrait for Augusta or documenting a premature baby’s miraculous discharge from the NICU, being commissioned by families is profoundly meaningful to us. As adoptive parents, we don’t have access to the history of our children’s earliest years–no newborn photos or early baby books to look back on. Providing these precious memories for other families is what inspires us.

What Makes This Different?

Family Portraits Make a Powerful Statement

Commissioned by discerning clients to create original artwork of those they love most, these family portraits are destined to become treasured heirlooms. When children see themselves on the wall or in a tabletop portrait display, their excitement, pride and delight is palpable. Custom family portraiture is not a fit for everyone, but what we hear time and time again is that the experience is beyond compare.

The Four Steps

Drawing on decades of experience, we offer a four step process to ensure that every family and individual we photograph in our Studio receives extraordinary portraits and service. Below you’ll find a short description of each step. Our Studio portraits are a blend  of timeless, classical posing and natural moments. We believe both are an important part of a family’s recorded history.